To dream..


You are never to old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream. I think the main reason why I like that quote is because C.S Lewis said it, and I respect what he says, the man knows what he is talking about 🙂 plus if he didn’t give up on things, then I shouldn’t either 🙂


Can dreams come true? ..maybe sometimes they don’t in the way we thought but in a different way?

Lately I have been praying to God for new dreams.. over and over and over; then I realize I am stuck there, getting caught up in myself. So I take this..



Usually when I want to pray for things happening in the world I never know where to start or what to pray for, so when world vision sends us these magazines I think it’s great.

click on it to be able to read it


PRAY CONTINUALLY 1blog pray continually 2


I will go crazy if I get caught up in my own stuff…








So I finally decided to do this..

So I finally decided to open a blog. I have been thinking about it for years but keep wrestling with the thought ” why would people care about what have to say or about what I do?” the truth is I am still struggling with the thought, however, I have decided to ignore the voices in my head and do it anyways. The reason being that I truly love to share my thoughts and my art with people, and since I am kind of a homebody; doing it through here sounds like a good idea.

I also decided to do something else, after years of admiring people’s artwork online on a famous online art market called ” Etsy” I decided to open my own. The reality is I have never truly felt good enough to be on etsy ( I still don’t) There’s INCREDIBLY TALENTED PEOPLE ON THERE, and my PHOTOGRAPHY HAS TO BE OUSTANDING to really stand out (and it’s not, I know nothing about photography :P) yet art has become to me a way of expression, like nothing else. I can take things I am thinking and that I have in my heart, and splash it into color and words; and when it’s done the intense desire of self expression feels deeply satisfied ( until something else stirs me 🙂

Even though I haven’t sold anything on the website, the journey has already proven to be quite fulfilling; I have met friends that share the same passion for art and for God and have been deeply encouraging; plus it is really fun to think of new things that I can add ( like a BIG BIG project) Some days I have gotten discouraged, it’s been lots of work and seems it like doesn’t amount to anything; but I have realized than when you truly love doing something it feels worse to quit then to keep trying and failing.
Early on in my life art has always captivated me ( specially colorful art) when I was in college studying education my greatest joy was coloring the front cover of my paper’s; but I never admitted that to anyone. I felt like that world didn’t want to belong to me so I tucked it inside and that was that. After going through months and months of intense shadows in my life, with no sense of direction, I have been pursuing this hobby consistently. The reason being just because it makes me happy, because it lifts the clouds, because it keeps my mind busy and because I feel God has given me this as an outlet. It is great great joy!

I have posted some pictures here in ” Art gallery” of the work I’ve been doing. Many have been on facebook. The organization or photography of the pictures isn’t very good, the reason being that I know nothing about photography or making a blog presentable.. but I am working on it 🙂 I also posted a tab to the little shop I am working on ” etsy shop” so if you want to see it just click there 🙂 or here: