To dream..


You are never to old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream. I think the main reason why I like that quote is because C.S Lewis said it, and I respect what he says, the man knows what he is talking about 🙂 plus if he didn’t give up on things, then I shouldn’t either 🙂


Can dreams come true? ..maybe sometimes they don’t in the way we thought but in a different way?

Lately I have been praying to God for new dreams.. over and over and over; then I realize I am stuck there, getting caught up in myself. So I take this..



Usually when I want to pray for things happening in the world I never know where to start or what to pray for, so when world vision sends us these magazines I think it’s great.

click on it to be able to read it


PRAY CONTINUALLY 1blog pray continually 2


I will go crazy if I get caught up in my own stuff…








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